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Gray Aviation Marketing is an aviation marketing company that works with owners to handle the extensive job of marketing their aircraft.


Within 24 hours of requesting our service, we will put together a high quality specification sheet.

After approval, we will aggressively advertising your aircraft online and in print.  We
take all phone calls, answer all questions, and direct the real buyer to you.  

We follow-up on all leads that come in from all the sites and copy you on every lead along with keeping them in a client data base for your viewing at your request. 

During the time your aircraft is for sale, if there are changes such as price reductions, times, avionic upgrades etc. we will make the changes by preparing a new spec sheet, updating all marketing sites, and contact all leads letting them know of the changes to your aircraft.


This service saves you $1000’s on broker’s fees & commissions along with saving you TIME!!

What is this service worth to you???    What is your TIME worth???

   1) It saves you hours of having to get your aircraft marketed and on all the sirtes

   2) It keeps you off the phone answering questions or request for specs

   3) It saves you from having to follow up on every "tire kicker"

   4) It allows you to negotiate with real buyers