Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair – Why Pet Owners Should Buy One?

Most manufacturers say that robot vacuums are intended to be a supplement to the typical vacuum cleaner. Majority of them say that robot vacuums can’t replace the standard one. The fact is that the best robot vacuum for pet hair can be of great help between your regular schedule for vacuuming. However, will it be good for your floor maintenance?

You might want your floor to be clean always in an easier and simpler way without the need for you to move your finger. Even if most manufacturers might not like this, you can say that a robot vacuum cleaner can be a primary vacuum cleaner in your house. Go here to see robot vacuum reviews:

best robot vacuum for pet hairThere are several features that you will like about the best robot vacuum for pet hair and these include the following:

  • Low maintenance
  • Self-charging
  • Adjusts to various surfaces automatically
  • Double-duty as a mop
  • Spot cleaning. Most robot vacuums include a mode that you use in a certain area where you know that there’s a usual mess.
  • Vacuuming under hard to reach spots and furniture.
  • Scheduled cleaning. Robot vacuums have the ability to program their schedule.

Why You Need a Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair?

robot vacuum for pet hairRegardless if you have a cat or dog in your home, you know how annoying pet hair is. It is definitely a real hassle that you need to deal with every day. Having pets is a big responsibility, both for your family and home. Having pets can also mean that you’re facing dirty mess, allergens, and pet dander. With this in mind, it requires a special kind of cleaning. Fortunately, you can get rid of your frustrations on pet hair through having a robot vacuum designed to pick up pet hair effectively.

A typical vacuum cleaner won’t help you clean pet hair properly. If you want your home to be free from pet hair anywhere, the best robot vacuum cleaner will surely make a difference. The good thing about these vacuums is that they work well no matter what kind of flooring you have. They collect pet hair efficiently and will give you nothing but peace of mind.

What’s The Best Choice for Your Needs?

Well, there are countless of robot vacuums for pet hair being offered in the market. For you to know what’s best for you and your needs, you might want to keep some factors in mind. One of these is the features. A robot vacuum’s features may vary from one model to another. If you are looking for something more advanced, you might want to stick with the ones that can be controlled using a mobile device.

Extra accessories are another good consideration. Most of you want to get the best value of your investment, right? If you are one of these buyers, better check the included accessories. There are times that some accessories are optional and can be purchased separately. Depending on your needs, make sure to determine your preferences.

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Simple Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

Many pet owners find it tricky to clean up dog hair. Dogs are considered as man’s best friend, and this is why they are favorite pets all over the world. However, these beloved furry friends tend to leave behind fur and hair which can be a bit of a nuisance around your home. Good thing that cleaning up dog hair doesn’t have to be difficult. Below are some simple tips to help you pull off an effective cleaning up after your dog.

Simple Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

Put a Roll of Tape to Good Use

Packing tape is a very effective tool to remove dog hair, particularly on clothes, furniture, and curtains. This procedure might be a bit cumbersome but it is definitely worthy to try because it can give great results. For you to do a good job, just wrap a tape around your hand then run this on the areas you suspect to have dog hair. Doing this procedure a few times every week can help achieve the best results and make your cleaning task less tiresome.

Use a Mop

If you have a vinyl or hardwood floor, you don’t have to worry about that nagging dog hair because cleaning up using your mop can produce great results. The main secret here is to dampen first the mop before running it gently over your floor to collect any loose fur. Take note that wood flooring materials tend to be delicate and even the smallest exposure to moisture can lead to some damages. Thus, ensure that mop isn’t soaked with water before using it for floor protection purposes.

Try Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are good in picking up pet hair from any particular surface. The secret is by dampening the dryer sheet slightly before you use it on furniture, pesky baseboards, carpet, and around floor corners. After several minutes of dampening dryer sheets, move this over the target surface a few times to catch loose pet hair that might be present.

Floor or Carpet Sweeping and Dampening

Simple carpet dampening with baking soda as well as sweeping before using your vacuum cleaner works wonders in cleaning up dog hair. In this case, you can use baking soda and let it sink in the carpet for several minutes. Baking soda serves the purpose of getting rid of undesirable dog odor. After that, use the rubber broom to sweep gently over the carpet. Sweeping will help in rolling up the hair of the dog that is present into small balls, which makes it easy for vacuum cleaners to pick the most of the pet hair. But, care must be taken not to make carpets wet as it could bring about some mold concerns.

Consider Getting a Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a pet dog, it’s recommended to invest on vacuum cleaners designed for pet hair. These are ideal and effective when sucking up some fine particles including the pet hair from any surface. You don’t need to apply any particular skills to get rid of the surface, so there’s no need for you to spend on professional assistance to clean up the pet hair.

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Three Things Every Dog Owner Should Do

When you first became a dog owner, there’s a good chance you knew very little about dogs. All you did was take a trip to the local shelter and proudly put your sign on the dotted line. There you are with a little friend you can’t wait to play with around the house. One of the things you might have read on the tiny index card bio is that your canine friend is good and playful with kids, is house trained and very social. Of course, she could respond to basic commands and everything looked interesting.

What you didn’t know is that owning a dog comes with its own share of responsibilities. In fact, it’s a big responsibility. Many people never realize this until when they soon notice there are things they might not have prepared for in advance. This article highlights three things every dog owner should do once they’ve brought their new friend home.

Help your Canine Friend Get Comfortable with the New Environment

You’ve just brought the dog to a new environment and you need to ensure she gets comfortable as soon as possible. A good place to start is determining where she will sleep. Do you want your new family member to have access to everywhere in your home? Will she be gated off or be in a crate? You might consider running some important tests over the weekend.

Remember a dog, whether young or adult, can develop new unwanted habits in new surroundings. Try leaving the dog home alone for about fifteen minutes and see how she behaves. Before you leave, gate off some of the areas and even close the bedroom doors as safety measures. You might want to dog-proof open, accessible areas.

Ensure there are no game pieces or treasured stuffed animals for your kids lying around. All you’re trying to do is set up your new family member for success and safety. Come back after some time and find out how she managed in your absence. Did your new canine friend just get to the couch and sleep? Can you see anything that’s been suspiciously removed from your countertops? Did the dog try to overturn the trash can? Can you see any signs of separation anxiety?

The observations and findings you make will help you determine the level of freedom to give your new family member in the house.

Consider taking your Dog to the Vet

Don’t assume everything is fine with your dog. Schedule an appointment with a trusted, professional veterinarian. If you’ve noticed any red flags in the dog’s health and well-being this is the right person to share with. Raise any concerns or questions that might have come up for the few days you’ve had the dog. It’s also important that you bring along the documents you were given at the breeder or shelter. This may include spay, neuter or rabies certificate.

Find a Good and Reputable Dog Walker

Remember your new family member will need exercise to improve her health and mental stimulation. Dog walking improves pet behavior as it allows your dog to meet other people and animals thereby encouraging proper socialization. If you have an adult dog, it’s a good idea to take her for a break outside every 4 to 5 hours. That’s where a dog walking service comes in. be sure to hire a dog walking company that puts your pet’s safety first, always. Also make sure the dog walking service is licensed, bonded, and insured. Hiring a dog walker will not only save you time but provide you with the peace of mind that your canine friend is safe and well taken care of, despite your busy schedule.

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